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    January through March, I am challenging myself to write 30 songs in 3 months

    At the end of every week, I will send out a "Weekly Roundup" of all my works-in-progress and then you will help me decide what songs will move to the production level!

    That means you will help me plan my next album! Sign up for updates!

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Chelsea Robson is an American entrepreneur, podcaster, classically trained vocal artist, and songwriter. She attended Berklee College of Music online, speaks 3 languages, and has had songs used in national brand advertising.


Podcaster since 2012, first with the "Animation Addicts Podcast with the Rotoscopers" and now also with her instagram live based, "Letters To Avalon" with interviews of lessons learned and overcoming.


While everyone else is giving "routine" gifts this year, you'll be melting your partner's heart with a song about your unique love story.

I work with you to write custom songs for holidays, weddings, authors, advertising, or whatever your special occasion.


I've been on stages, performing over 100 shows a year, since I was 4 years old. 

I love private concerts because they are more personal and you get to hear all the stories behind the songs! Plus, forget backstage passes, we get to hang out in a more real way!

Keynote concerts

Chelsea tells stories from backstage at the Grammys, growing up at a western dinner theater, and interviewing the creators of ‘Frozen’ on the “White Carpet”. Then ties it all together with custom and original songs that are sure to inspire you to go out and do great things!

Custom Songs 

Imagine your Love opening an email at work on Valentines Day or their Birthday and it's a song written just for you both. You will be the hero of the year and the talk of the office!

 You can now have your very own radio quality song to, not only, share with that special person but, also, share with the world! I know you will cherish it forever!

Private Concerts

I come to you! You host the space for the concert (home, clubhouse, conference room, etc.) Invite your family and friends, and I show up with my music! It’s that simple!

I have so many new songs that you have not heard yet! This is the best way to hear them… and help me pick the songs for my next CD!

You Are Beautiful.

"I met Chelsea randomly and I am sure glad I did! She told me what she did and I had been thinking of adding an original theme song to my upcoming event. It was a pretty specialized request but she was able to pull it off in spades!"

Marie Doe
CEO of Incorp

Help me plan my next album! 

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