What I need now…

Since I was 4 years old, I have been in the entertainment industry. So long that I’m not even sure if it was my choice or if it was just part of my life’s tale.

To be completely honest, I’ve have made up my mind to quit and leave it all behind on 7 separate occasions. For some reason, God always brings me back. Or, maybe, He has given me the chance to choose this path 7 times. 🤷‍♀️ Either way, it’s a hard road. One that leaves me feeling like I’m just banging my head against the wall.

One of my hangups is social media. I don’t like talking about myself. It makes me feel empty and tired. @Rotoscopers was easier in a lot of ways because I was always talking about something else. I called myself a Professional Appreciator.

I’ve been trying to figure out my path for years. In recent months, I have felt a narrowing of focus. My newest single, “Beautiful” has been doing so well and all the events and performances I have booked feel like they have a purpose. I just need to define what footprints I want to leave online.

As I was flying home from Nashville, I was doing a lot of soul searching. “What do I need right now?” Just kept circling my head until it landed on my heart. Then my heart replied, “I want to build individual relationships. I want to dig deep.” Then, I thought about the upcoming generations. I thought about my 19 nieces and nephews. They need this, too. I love talking to them and sharing the little things that we have learned and are learning in our challenging, decision driven, years.

I decided I want to start an IG based live stream/podcast based on that. I want to interview you! If you have a funny/inspirational story that helped you learn something that helped you through your late teens or 20’s, I want to talk about it. If you think that lesson would help someone else when they heard your story, please DM me or comment below! If you KNOW someone that I should talk to, tag them!

We all need this.

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